Gold Star Family Weekend, Inc.

August 22-24, 2014  
All events to be held at Camp Ripley - Watch this website for details!
Welcome:  Gold Star Families

In recognition of our Military Fallen Heroes from all wars and their families, the Gold Star Family Weekend, Inc. is honored to invite families of our Military fallen heroes to a weekend of camaraderie, fun, and sharing. 

We invite families of military fallen from all wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, WWII and the conflicts in-between) to be our guests for an amazing weekend planned exclusively for you and your family
at Camp Ripley near Little Falls, Minnesota.

Camp Ripley is a 53,000 acre regional training facility for our military, federal, state, local and civilian communities.  Camp Ripley relies on its expertise in environmental stewardship to maintain its training resources.  The staff at Camp Ripley have opened their gates to our families for this special weekend.


On Vietnam Veterans Day, and every day, Gold Star Family Weekend extends to each and every
Vietnam era Veteran our deepest thanks for their service to our country. 

We especially take these moments to remember the 1072 Minnesotans who gave their lives in Vietnam and other countries while serving in the military.  Our hearts ache for the families who lost sons, daughters, spouses, brothers and daddies – these are Gold Star Families. Please know that we along with all Minnesotans Honor their Service, Remember their Sacrifice, and Cherish our Freedoms that their service and sacrifice protected.

These Vietnam Gold Star families and their loved ones were not granted the honor and support that is currently given to our Iraq/Afghanistan fallen.  Many received and buried their loved one and never spoke about him/her again.  During Minnesota’s Welcome Home to the Vietnam Veterans 5 years ago, I met a number of families and listened to their stories.  I was crushed when I read one of the telegrams that informed a mother that her son’s body was arriving on the train and what her options were to handle it...

GSFW would like to ask for your help in finding our Minnesota area Vietnam Gold Star families and extend to them our thanks along with our invitation to attend the Gold Star Family Weekend at Camp Ripley, August 22-24, 2014.  These families may be your neighbor, your co-worker, your friend. 

We need your help to reach out to these families and let them know we
Honor, Remember and Cherish their loved one.

Merrilee Carlson, Mother of Sgt Michael Carlson
 US Army, 2-2, Ice Platoon
KIA 1/24/2005 Iraq



Community support of this event is greatly appreciated.  Please consider making a donation in honor of a fallen hero or in support of their family.

Donations for this event are tax
deductable and may be made
payable to and mailed to:

Gold Star Family Weekend, Inc.
17149 Notre Dame Street NE
Columbus, MN 55025

 Questions, email

IRS 501(c)(3) EIN 45-3710252

Honoring, Remembering, and Celebrating


Gold Star Family Weekend, Inc. is made up of patriotic Americans who have joined forces to honor, share, remember, and celebrate the heroism and lives of our military fallen heroes by bringing together their families for Gold Star Family Weekend events.

 Gold Star Family Picnic

WWII Flyover during Saturday ceremony

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