Registration forms for Gold Star Family Weekend.Online Registration and Accommodations

Gold Star Family Weekend Registration is open!

You can register electronicly and make your payment with a credit card via PayPal!  If you prefer to pay by check, we have a printable mail-in form version - Please Click Here

Registration Deadline:  Friday July 7, 2023

Please register all family members and indicate the day(s) each will attend along with the name of your fallen hero.  



“6-Pack Lodging” – Hotel type lodging – each 6-pack has 6 independent locking rooms/bath with a double bed.  The 6 rooms share a common living area with common kitchen/living room and patio.  Families will share 6-packs.  Please indicate how many independent rooms you require for your family.

Camping available:
The Campground is located in DeParcq Woods.  The area is near the river and includes a bath-house and playground area.  If you have an RV or enjoy tenting - this may be where you wish to stay.

  • Campsites RV with electric
  • Campsites tent - rustic

Optional quarters:  If you would like the opportunity to stay in a Quonset hut or other military style tent, please let us know and we will do our best to make it happen.

Additional Activities:
At the end of the registration form is a list of activities – please indicate how many of your family members would “definitely participate”, are interested in doing”, or “not interested at all”.  This will assist us in our final plans.

Registration Form

Gold Star Family Weekend, Inc.

This is an electronic registration form for a weekend at Camp Ripley, honoring the families of our fallen heroes.

Please complete all required fields

Additional Family Members Attending and relationships to hero.  Include age if under 18.  

Fallen Hero's Information

Lodging we would like...

Events we plan to attend (please enter the number attending):

Hero Biography

Please share what you are comfortable sharing about your loved one. It will be complied and read at the Friday night program.

If you provided this information for a previous Gold Staff Weekend, no need to resend unless you have any updates.

Please include a photo of your loved one. The photo will be scanned and returned to you when you check in. The photo will be shown during the Friday night program.

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