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Gold Star Family Weekend Registration is open!

You can register electronicly and make your payment with a credit card via PayPal!  

Additionally, if you prefer to pay by check, we have attached PDF form fill version - Please Click Here

Registration Form

Gold Star Family Weekend, Inc.

This is an electronic registration form for a weekend at Camp Ripley, honoring the families of our fallen heroes.

There is a $30 registration fee to reserve your spot.  This registration fee will be refunded during your stay.

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Additional Family Members Attending and relationships to hero.  Include age if under 18.  

Fallen Hero's Information

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This way we will have an idea of how many people will be participating in each event and make it as enjoyable as possible.

Activity Interest Survey

August 10-12, 2018

In addition to our main events Camp Ripley offers a wide variety of activities. Please indicate the number of family members interested in the following activities if they are provided during our weekend.

Fishing (Guided) – Morning – 2 hour

Fishing (Guided) – Afternoon – 2 hour

Canoeing on Mississippi – Morning

Canoeing on Mississippi – Afternoon

Training Simulator EST2000 (Shooting M16 Rifles)

Tour of Camp Ripley

Environmental Center Program

Military Museum

Children’s Activities

Maintenance Building/Heavy Equipment Tour (if available)

Father’s group (afternoon only)

Saturday Bingo


Thank you!

Upon submission, you will be redirected to a page to make your registration deposit of $30.  You can pay with either a PayPal account or your favorite credit card.

This deposit will be refunded at check in.

Your registration will not be processed until the deposit is paid.